Why is the weight of a package coming from the merchant or from the courier, different from the one received by the subscriber from My Shopping Box?

The sales invoice from the US Merchant indicates the shipping weight based on the Ground Shipping or Domestic Air Shipping Rate to your US address.

More often than not, the domestic carrier or courier does not utilize the volumetric shipping standards, and bases it on the actual weight of the package. If the carrier does not use the volumetric rate calculation, you will receive a lower weight on the invoice.

For a more detailed look at how we arrive at your shipping cost, and how we arrive at the actual versus volumetric weight, please click here.

For international shipping, the weight will be strictly based on either the actual or volumetric weight of the package - whichever is higher. Package received at your MSB address for international shipping shall then be based on international shipping standards.

We suggest that you advise whoever to request that the U.S. Merchant to see if they can reduce/compress the packaging of the goods or merchandise.

But please bear in mind that "Fragile" items such as glassware or electronic items may come with a lot of packaging so the goods or merchandise may be larger than expected.

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