Can My Shopping Box combine and consolidate my purchases from various merchants, and pack these in a single box so I can save on shipping fees?

We currently do not offer consolidation services.

Each package that arrives at our U.S. facility shall be charged and processed individually as it arrives in our warehouse. Each package will also be given its own tracking number.

For example: a subscriber orders several items from the same merchant. This merchant sends all of these items in one box to our U.S. facility. We thus charge for the single package received in the warehouse, and it is tracked as a single package.

However, if a subscriber orders several items from the same website but from different merchants (ie, several different sellers from, then each of these items will arrive at our facility in its own packaging and we will charge per package received. Each package will also have its own tracking number.

We cannot consolidate different packages from different merchants. We will, however, automatically ship together packages that have been authorised for shipment on the same day with the same type of shipping.

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    Joseph Maynard Acallar

    Why? Sorry but I don't understand since it's easy to consolidate. All other services offer it already.

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    Gabriel Banarie

    I agree! Especially because you do not have any control over how merchants like Amazon split orders into multiple packages!

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    Sly Arinto

    Had I known that MSB does not consolidate, I should've used another carrier! The point of setting up an account is for package consolidation. So if this is not available, what option is there to move all of them to another carrier?

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