When will my package be uploaded onto my account?

It takes 2 to 3 working days to process your package once it’s arrived at our US or Italy facility. Once we’ve finished processing it, we send you an automatic email notification to let you know that it’s ready for shipment and needs your authorization. 


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    Ice Valderrama

    It's more than 3 working days. Waiting for my package to appear on my account :(

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    Me too its morethan3 days.

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    My amazon echo arrived at your sire on wednesday and it still not posted on the app. Why?

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    Onofre Aquino

    Nobody is answering my emails about my Amazon package that arrived at the US facility.

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    It's been a week since my item arrived at the US facility. It's just a keychain and a postcard. How hard is it to put it on the app, charge me $6 and just ship them?

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    Rosela labalan

    Amazon already delivered my stuff last july 6,2020 but i have not received an email from my shopping box. How can i track my package to my shopping box?

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    Heintje Esio

    Good am sir/ ma’m , can I follow up on my 2 packages :
    1) Tracking # 9400108205497646985696 from VALLEY , AL 36854 , delivered last Dec. 7 , 2020 at 9:47am
    2) Tracking # 9241990140830195287790 from PORTLAND , OR 97203 , delivered last Dec. 7, 2020 at 3:18pm
    Hoping for a reply . Thanks !

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    hello can anyone give me an update where is my cargo?

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