What packages are unacceptable for shipment?

Please keep in mind that we do not allow commercial quantities of goods.

The following are the items we do not allow:

- Lithium batteries and Electronics containing Lithium Batteries (such as laptops, cellphones, etc)
- Essential Oils and similar products
- Flammable nail polish, colognes, eau de toilette, perfumes, & similar products (note: please check product packaging for information if it is flammable. If it is labeled as such it is unacceptable)
- Flammable materials, liquids/fluids, fuel, thinners, petroleum based paints, varnishes
- Prescription drugs and medication including supplements exceeding 1 lbs. per package
- Explosives & combustible items
- Gas cylinders, items containing compressed air/gas, fire extinguishers
- Lubricants & other petroleum based products
- Substances not packed in commercially labeled consumer packs
- Tobacco, cigars, cigarettes, including e-cigarettes / vape cartridges, juices, and batteries
- Gambling materials
- Illegal drugs, chemicals or substances
- Contraband & other goods prohibited by law
- Firearms, bladed weapons, ammunition, firearm parts & accessories
- Poisonous, toxic substances, pesticides, fertilisers, chlorine, pool chemicals, including substances and materials packed in bulk bags without commercial retail brand labels
- Human remains
- Replicas of guns & firearms, including toy guns, air-soft guns, air-guns, tools & accessories
- Pornographic materials
- Currencies, cash, checks, money orders & other negotiable instruments
- Jewelries, precious metals, unset gem stones, diamonds and crystals without commercial retail labels, high value wrist watches and others personal accessories
- Goods classified as “Valuable Cargo.” These are goods whose value is over $2,000.00 or those with a pro-rated value per package of over $450.00 per pound
- Watches no classified as “Valuable Cargo” shall be limited to one (1) piece per consignment
- Live plants & animals, including stuffed animals
- Perishable foodstuff and beverages
- Oversize packages that exceed 120 inches in length, width or height (if you wish to ship such a package, please inform us first via email)
- Car parts exceeding 20 inches on any side of its package
- Ceramic, Porcelain, Glassware, other highly breakable goods,
including products in highly breakable containers
- Other goods & items without proper documentation, clearance, permit & packaging

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    Laila Al-Harthy

    Are hairsprays allowed?

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    Ronald Blatteis

    What happens to things like Perfume that are at your warehouse for shipping and can't be shipped?

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